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My notes from Jeremy Garcia

Jeremy Garcia , Open@ ADSK
Adhoc conversation

Started a new community where he was answer every single question to the point there are millions of members. Getting from user 1 to 1 million is start with the tone of the culture you want to create. He wanted inclusive, friendly and as a moderator, he set the tone. Be a stickler at first to help it to remain sustainable.

What are the challenges from going to 1 to 100 or 100 to 100- people in your community?
A good community member is worth their weight in gold so when you find them, you have to foster and harvest their participation.

How do you maintain the culture when you have a million members?
Strong moderators with a specific foundation of collaboration yet realize different topics will have different vibes and ambiance.

How do you deal conflict within communities such as disrespect?
Conflict is good as long as people are being constructive in their communications. Take each conflict as its own entity and resolve it in a way that is healthy for everyone. Be consistent!

What are the strangest things you have dealt with?
When you have a long time community, people can become adverse to change. Transparency is ultra- important. Sometimes very small changes make a huge impact on individual people. When you are about to make significant changes, making sure you allow your stakeholders to have a voice. Listen to their feedback because it will help them to be a bit less resistant to change.

Early power users are game changes to help create an actual community. They help to create engagement and encourage more collaboration. When you see a casual user becoming more engaged, consider to reach out to them for feedback asking what else do you think can be done to increase collaboration.

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