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n00b Community Manager looking for information


I have been in IT for 30 years and have a new role in my company to manager partners who want to integrate with our product. Not only is the role new to me, it’s a new thing for our organsiation as well.

So where does a n00b start? I have lots of ideas about what I should be doing for our partners, but I’m working in a vacuum. Can anyone suggest resources I could use for ideas please? For example:

  1. Job descriptions for community managers
  2. Blogs. videos etc
  3. Books,

Many thanks


Hi Alec,

I’m not a community manager (just a Meetup organizer) – but have attended CLS '14 and '15. I know we have a bunch of “CLS 2015 Session” notes (scroll down in the message board), where we discussed various issues that community managers address on a day to day basis.


This thread has been around for a while, but this might still be useful to some…

I have recently been mentoring a completely new community manager in the OpenDaylight community, and have been putting together an occasional series of blog posts based on what we have been talking about. The first two parts are up already, with a third draft underway. I have more material, so I expect the series to continue for a while.

Good luck, enjoy the ride!

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