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New user introductions!

Hi Everyone,

I think it would be nice for new users of the forum to post a summary of who they are. OK, I will start.

My name is Jono Bacon, and I am about to start a new position at the XPRIZE Foundation as Senior Director of Community. I will be leaving my position as Ubuntu Community Manager, after eight years at Canonical.

I wrote The Art of Community by O’Reilly, founded the annual Community Leadership Summit, and the Bad Voltage and LugRadio podcasts.

Next! :slight_smile:


Hay everyone, My name is Paul Mellors and I’m a support team lead at a ISP in the UK. Passionate about all things opensource

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Hello all, I’m Randy Resnick. I created a community a little over seven years ago for VoIP. Since then we’ve expanded and along the way tried most of the platforms, from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and mailing list. What I’ve found is that we were able to meet in person and that has made a strong community of trust. I’ve had people write saying they got their job because of it, and that makes me feel great. I also know many people have contacted others more easily because of the exposure of both sides in our community. I can’t wait to see what Jono and the rest of you have to say!

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Hi there! I’m Michael Downey, and I’m the global community manager for OpenMRS, a free and open source software project that builds Health IT systems for the developing world. I’ve been with OpenMRS since 2009, but before that I’ve been involved professionally in large healthcare and financial services companies. My education background is in engineering and I’m currently working on a PhD at the Indiana University School of Informatics, where I’m studying cross-cultural computer-supported cooperative work.

I’ve been to CLS the last several years and have always enjoyed the interactions that event offers. Looking forward to the discussions here, too! (And great choice of using Discourse for the forum IMHO.)


Greetings meat puppets! I’m Patrick McGarry, until recently the Director of Community for Inktank, and now working on shepherding the Ceph community for Red Hat after the acquisition. I started out cutting my community chops once-upon-a-time at Slashdot, took a few turns trying to show corporate America how to do it at Alcatel-Lucent and Perforce, and now I’m back home in the Open Source community, hooray!

Recently did the CLS track at Open Source ThinkTank in Napa, CA and am really looking forward to the big kahuna in Portland. See you there!

scuttlemonkey out

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Hey there,

I’m Rubén Romero. I am a FLOSS (as a desktop) aficionado since '97 and have participated actively in several communities and projects the last 9 years (debianista by heart, ubuntu member, spreadubuntu driver, drupalista, gnome-classic fan, raspberry pi lover).

Work at Varnish Software, based in Oslo, Norway, since its start in 2010 with Varnish sales, biz dev and community which keeps me quite busy. Have 10+ years experience with sales/management in the IT/Telecom sector. In a past life I programmed desktop applications and web sites. My education includes a BA in Philosophy, IT, Entrepreneurship, Classical Languages and more. I am the proud dad of my 10 year-old daughter :smile:

This is my first time at CLS and also my first time in Portland, OR. I am really looking forward to sharing our experiences, meeting all of you interesting people, having enriching conversations, making great memories and learning more about community management together!

I can’t stop smiling! :smiley:

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I’m Lisa Nichols and I work for HealthSparq, a healthcare transparency software company in Portland. I was a freelance writer/editor/PR person/community admin for almost a decade before I got pulled into this role. I started as the company’s Content Strategist and then became the Community Manager and then the Community Product Manager. We have a gated Jive community for Blue Cross members and we are going through a software upgrade right now, which is exciting/painful.

I’ve never attended an unconference and I’m looking forward to it. I went to the CMX Summit in SF a few months ago and while I loved the speakers, that was the entire conference- sitting & listening to about 8 speakers. I’ve heard great things about the PDX unconference and I am looking forward to going.

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Hi, I’m Aaron Wolf, co-founder of Snowdrift.coop (a not-yet-fully-launched community-building / fundraising platform dedicated to Free/Libre/Open projects of all sorts).

I was at CLS last year, having just moved to the Portland area. I’ll be there again this year!

I’m passionate about these issues and have eternal optimism about the inherent goodness of people. But I’m not naive, I also think even good people can easily fall into bad habits. We need to work to bring out the best in everyone and provide healthy environments with positive social pressure and high standards.

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Hi! I’m Beth Massi and I’m a Community Program Manager at Microsoft in Developer Division. I am an engineer and CS graduate with many years of programming under my belt and now work at Microsoft on the Visual Studio Engineering team helping our engineers interact with customers in many ways. Our customers are software engineers themselves so it is extremely fun and challenging work. I manage many community activities and team participation online and in-person with our customers so that they can build the best software they can, but also so we can take their feedback and build the best product we can. At the end of the day it’s all about being excellent to each other, understanding our customer needs, and putting a human face behind our products.

I’ve never been to CLS but Jono is my hero (I’ve read Art of Community many times :)). I’m looking at learning a lot more about the dynamics of OSS communities because we are also moving that direction on many of our developer frameworks and tools at Microsoft. I’m very excited to be here and learn from you all!

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Hi Everyone! Nice to virtually meet.

Our two man team just launched the Blue Jeans Network Customer Community this quarter. The conversations have been great and we are loving the added layer of relationship building our community adds.

Before becoming the Community Manager, I have been in varying Customer Success roles in both Portland and Silicon Valley for the last 5-6 years. I left Portland for the sunny Bay Area but look forward to our visit this summer.

@jonobacon checking out your book now!

Brittany Lucero, connect on linkedin

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Thanks for the kind words, but you need to get a better hero. :slight_smile:

This is definitely a great place to learn from others. One of the challenges we have in previous CLSs is continuing the discussion, so my goal is to make this forum the main place for community managers to discuss and debate topics. :slight_smile:

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My name is Jason Cameron and I am a System Administrator for a Research and Education Network in good ol’ Missery…er, Missouri. I went to CLS in 2013 and loved what everyone was sharing, and even though I am not a ‘Community Leader’ at my job, I absolutely love the collaboration that I saw at CLS13 which prompted me to participate again in 2014 (especially since I am also attending OSCON). I attempt to bring back any and all new Community Tech and Knowledge to my coworkers as well as our members at MOREnet to hopefully strengthen our own Community and collaboration within it.

PS: What Forum technology is this? It is pretty nice compared to what I have seen!

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Hi. I’m Alan Pope and I work at Canonical with Community developers on the Core Apps for Ubuntu for Devices (phones and tablets). I’m keen to learn more about effective community management.

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Hey everyone! I’m psyched to read all of your intros.

My name is Alex Hillman, and I started a coworking community called Indy Hall in 2006. So in coworking years, I’m a bit of a dinosaur :smile:

I’ve come to think of Indy Hall as a bit of a laboratory for how people work can together, even (and especially) when they aren’t actually working together.

Our model for coworking puts community first, not just from a philosophical point of view but from a very practical and tactical point of view: we spent nearly a year community building before we opened a space, and our space opening was more like a barn raising than a real estate transaction.

I’m especially interested in tight-bond communities, with a focus on meaningful relationships and creating long-lasting value for each other. I believe that Tummling is better than Community Management, the importance of bootstrapping, and the power of JFDI.

In addition to my work on Indy Hall, I run a class for bootstrapping entrepreneurs. I’m also part of a small software company that has built a better community list-serv product called GroupBuzz.

I will be attending Community Leadership Summit for the first time in July with my partner in GroupBuzz, and I’m stoked to meet all of you!


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My name is Tahd, I’ve been managing communities since the mid-90’s where I started a successful online volunteer program for a hardcore game company, which just-before-failing turned into a casual game company, where I shifted gears (and learned a lot about how different communities can be) and launched a very successful online volunteer program that was eventually deemed illegal and shut down when the company I worked for, Pogo.com, was purchased by EA, who was embroiled in legal issues around online volunteer communities.

I ended up becoming the Pogo Community Manager a few years later and absolutely loved the folks who make up that community. I’ve spent roughly 20 years in some form of community management most of which with roughly the same company (startup, to merger, to acquisition).

Now I’m at GSN Games and loving the new challenge.

Oddly, my first experience with Jono had nothing to do with CM, but at a heavy metal show for a band he was leading. A high school buddy played guitar in the band, so we went and saw. Later I found out Jono wrote the book on CM and does this “unconference” which sounds really interesting and fun - plus it just so happens to be in Portland, one of my most beloved cities. Can’t wait!

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Hi all,

Tom here. I’m a community manager working for the non-profit OpenStack Foundation. OpenStack is a global collaboration that’s making open software you can use to build clouds.

Prior to OpenStack life, I was wrangling things for large scale publicly-funded research infrastructure, including experimental particle physics, such as at the LHC.

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Hi guys,
I’m Alessio from Italy and I’m the community manager of NethServer an operating system based on CentOS/RHEL, designed for small offices and medium enterprises, with a powerful web interface that simplifies common administration tasks, very easy/fast installation and a lot of pre-configured modules installable with a “single click”.
I’m a linux sysadmin but I have a great passion for community management, I would like to understand how to grow a community, engage people, learn to work together. I would be very happy to learn from you, I see a lot of people with so much experience :slight_smile:
I’m looking forward to reading your post!

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Hello everyone,

My name is Jose Manrique, but everyone call me Manrique, my nickname over the net is jsmanrique… I am passionate about FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software), Mobile and Web technologies. I am currently working mostly for Bitergia, a company focus on providing metrics and analytics about development communities (more info on the website).

Anyway, I think this is a great opportunity for sharing experiences and learning a lot from each other!

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My name is Michael Hall, I work on the Ubuntu Community team at Canonical with @popey and (until the end of the day) @jonobacon. I’m looking forward to hearing how other community managers are working to grow and invigorate their communities, and learning from all of you what works and what doesn’t.

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Good day, all.

I’m Dave McAllister, involved in what we call open source long before it was ever called open source. I run open source practices and outreach here at Adobe (see http://adobe.github.io for technology). I’m part techie, part evangelist, part visionary, part realist, part therapist, part crazy which of course equals the principal requirements of community management.

I’m also heavily involved in the emerging world of engagement technology, e.g. gamification, a GSummit-X lead for the Bay Area, and have a dep passion for getting open source projects and someday, product to understand the need to create space for the average end user, not just the developer.

looking forward to many fascinating discussions.


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