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Non-Developer Based Community Manager?

Most of the community manger jobs in the Open Source (and Open *) world require the persons in the position to know how to develop, as in to code rather to develop a new non-coding project, if that made sense. But my thought is there is any Open * communities that are not based on development but on other things. If so, may I have some examples? I’m looking for mainly Open Science ones but any can do.

Thank you.

While it certainly helps having some experience with coding, I don’t think it’s a requirement. Just as a Project Manager doesn’t need to know how to do everything that is being done within the project, you need an overall view, know who to contact for different areas and make sure the project is heading the right way. To evolve a community around something, while giving you a broader understanding on what the development is doing, you can still work with the community.

It feels like it every time I look at a company that is hiring within the Open * world. I feel like anyone can be a volunteer project/community manger/leader but not be hired as one. Well, expect XPRIZE it seems, if that counts as Open *.

I’m not a developer, but I work as a Community Manager at a company that creates open source software. I interact with the community of open source contributors and developers, encourage contributions, and advocate for the community, without doing development myself.

There is so much community work to be done, it requires people working together across skill sets and departments, which equals many, many possible combinations and roles.


Thank you for posting this and yeah, you do need a team with different skill sets to get work done. But like I said most of the places that I have seen that want to hire a community manger seem to say you need to know how to code, at least in the Open Source side of things, which does make sense.

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