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Notes from Guy Martin keynote

Guy Martin, director – Open@Autodesk

• Tool selection drivers
• Culture, process and tools
• Tool rollout examples
• Things to consider (lessons learned)

Tool Selection Drivers:
Collaboration tool stakeholders is normally are leaders, developers, professional/business users, tool vendors and IT.

What drives tool selection?

  1. Money
  2. adaptability
  3. productivity
  4. standardization

Culture processes and tools:
Existing culture:
• collaboration style
o awaiting permission vs taking intiativative
• transparency
o decisions/ communications private or open
• meritocracy
o decisions made top down or drivin by valuable contributors

Existing tools
Knowledge sharing – people sharing or documenting?
Reuse – data being referenced or abandoned
Metrics – what works (or doesn’t)

Tool rollout examples:
Good examples
Chat: IRC, Lync, Slack

Not so good:
Perforce or Visual Studio

Things to consider:
• Audit your culture to know if you have people who are waiting to be told what to do or will ask forgiveness? Are people siloed/insular or transparent/collaborative? You have to know this about your audience in your company. Choosing a tool before knowing your culture, you can have a challenge with adoption.
• Are people bringing in their own tools? Are people asking what’s going on elsewhere or desire control?
• Build a ‘Pull Request’ culture:
o Shared responsibility/control
 Code
 Processes
 Policies
 Information
 Tools
• Engagement drives collaboration
o Review prevents ‘anarchy’, are people engaged and feeling as if they have a voice
• Align tool with reality
o Resist vendor pressure
 They don’t always living your reality
o Allow some experimentation/flexibility
o Follow the community
 Explore areas of critical mass
• Adapt the tool to the user instead of the user to the tool
• Release early, release often
o Iterate as quickly as is practice
o Allow all stakeholders to drive process/tool customization
o Practice patience because your culture won’t change overnight

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