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Notes Session 8 - 4:30pm - 500+ Offline Communities around the world

Why are we supporting communities?

  • So that we are able to scale the support we can provide to the members. eg: Local offline communities we support over the world.

  • Business purpose for the future

  • Competitive advantage - humanizing what we do, creating relationships

  • Big companies want to make money - more poeple using more people buying but mostly protect our product (humanise the brand) and create a good channel to receive feedback. Involve the user deeper in what the company is doing.

Re-branding a community:

  • Experience from it: “people are not like code, more resistant to changes”

  • Suggestion: Instead of it being top down, for it to be bottom up: Instead of forcing it to the community, to involve the community in the change.

Experiences at scaling and growing a community:

  • A good brand recognition and brand perception helps the community scale easier and larger and it encourages more people to get involved in the program. If you have a good brand percetion people will join your community. - Brand loyalty -

Challenge: to deal with 500+ people in an event

  • Using metrics and beign transparent is the best way to measure communities

  • How to find metrics that measure quality instead of quantity

  • How to track the adoption of the technology?

Measure Relevance and Impact:

  • Impact: ability to move the needle in the local context -

  • Improve the communities based on Impact v Relevancy levels

How to measure a metric? eg: demographic? Formulas to assign these numbers - Subjective?

  • Local organisers, local support but sometimes it can be limiting so a personal relationship is required and scaling gives you more quality information.

How to grow the Offline Community?

  • Community Organisers to Mentor and teach other community organisers or potential organisers.

  • Spread good community managements techniques and share resources to facilitate this ^

The importance of having a Healthy Community

  • Well organised - Good practices, etc

  • Develop a mindset to be able to develop a healthy community over time

  • Create an online channel to share best practices

RESOURCE: DataBricks created: Meetup in a box document

Diverse Ecosystem - get women active in the community.

  • Program to help volunteers become better technical speakers (6 week program) 3 times a year including an all female workshop.

  • Support the women meetups

  • Every meetup must have a code of conduct and share the sources about it to ensure a baseline of safety and comfort for diversity

  • Work from the source. eg: educational level : The more women educated in tech the more are going to speak at events in the future - encourage it from a young age and promote role models

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