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Open Source Leadership Summit - confusion?

It appears that the Linux Foundation has rebranded the Collaboration Summit as the ‘Open Source Leadership Summit’. This seems to overlap a great deal with CLS, and even more confusingly the LF was a sponsor of CLS2016.

Anyone have any insight as to why this was done? Is the CLS going be part of this event or are these ‘competing’ events?

It gets even confusinger, as LF is now hosting a CLS at LinuxCon events, which has been renamed Open Source Summit. I have asked Jono about whether the event at OSCON is also still happening.

As for the renamed Collab Summit, I don’t know how much confusion that will cause. I know the name change was meant to clarify the purpose for the conference, which is a meeting place for leaders in Open Source projects. CLS has a lot of crossover with Open Source, but many of the communities we discuss there are not open source projects at all - some of the most dynamic discussions I have been in are about communities around proprietary products.

I think right now we need a bit of guidance from our fearless leader :slight_smile:


Via https://www.linuxfoundation.org/announcements/linuxcon-cloudopen-containercon-become-linux-foundation-open-source-summit-for-2017:

“As open source continues to grow and expand into new areas such as hardware, data, IOT, standards, and beyond, having an accessible, productive community strategy is critical for success”, Bacon says. He continues, “I am excited to launch the Community Leadership Conference as part of the Open Source Summit to support the continued evolution of community leadership and the success of those who practice it.”

Thanks to for being the kind sponsor for this forum!