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Opinions on offering discounts for leadership coaching

I’m new to online consulting, and I’m considering offering a promotion on leadership boundaries coaching, and could use some input.

I thought of you when thinking of like-minded people that like to help many people.

Two questions:

1.) Do you think it’s beneficial to offer a discount on coaching services?
2.) Any suggestions on how it could be better?

Thank you for all of the help you’ve provided me.

Be well!


I’m not a consultant, but I think that discounts in general are a bad way to go. I would just set the price at what you think the services are worth and deliver the value. Don’t play gimmicks with people and undervalue what you can bring to the table. Once someone gets a discount, they’ll expect to pay that much in the future. Why would you pay full price if you know you can get it by trying to bargain for the discount again? Just my 2 cents.

Thank you Jason for your feedback on this. It’s the general consensus that offering a discount is not the way to go, so thank you and everyone that’s responded on the various forums!

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