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Outreachy is looking for mentoring orgs

Outreachy is a three-month paid internship program to introduce people traditionally underrepresented in tech to open source. Outreachy is different from many formal internship programs because we have a one-month application period (Feb 16 to March 30) where applicants make small contributions to your project. This allows you to evaluate their skills and select the best intern for your project.

We are seeking open source projects to mentor interns for the May to August round. Your organization may be a good fit if:

  • You have a sponsoring organization that can fund at least one intern ($6,500)
  • Your community is willing to answer applicants’ questions and provide guidance
  • You have at least one mentor who is willing to spend 5-10 hours a week with their intern

The details for how to participate are below. Feel free to email the Outreachy coordinators at outreachy-admins@gnome.org if you have any questions.

The next round for Outreachy is scheduled to open on February 16, with an application deadline of
March 30. Internships will run from May 30 to August 30.

If your organization is interested in participating in the next round, please
update your landing page, and let us know by February 16 if you will
participate. Organization coordinators and mentors, please coordinate on the

  • Review set up information at
  • Secure funding for your org to sponsor at least one intern ($6,500)
  • Update your org’s landing page
  • List your project ideas and recruit other mentors
  • Let us know at outreachy-admins@gnome.org that your org is participating
  • Start spreading the word about your org’s internships
    • no need to wait for February 16

We plan on having a twitter chat about Outreachy on February 21 at 4pm UTC /
11am EST, to spotlight the organizations that are participating, and allow orgs
to answer any questions people have. Participation in the chat is optional, but
if you do want to participate, being able to link to a blog post that describes
why you’re passionate about your project would help us promote your project. If
you are interested in participating, please send me your twitter handle and
follow @outreachy.

The updated resources for the upcoming round are:

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) - [https://developers.google.com/open-source/gsoc]

  • the applications for organizations to participate in GSoC are open now and
    will close at 7pm UTC on Friday, February 9. I highly encourage organizations
    to apply for this program as it’s a great opportunity to engage students with
    your project and is generously sponsored by Google. Please note that GSoC
    deadlines are set in stone and be sure to work with participants and mentors to
    get things done by these deadlines as your organization participates in GSoC.

Outreachy was created in response to low participation of women in GSoC, and
we encourage all Outreachy applicants who are students and coders to apply for
both programs if the organization they are interested in is participating in
both. The dates for this round of Outreachy are intentionally set to be similar
to GSoC dates. Outreachy application deadline is a couple days earlier to make
sure that applicants eligible for GSoC don’t miss the GSoC deadline.

Please contact Karen, Marina, and myself at outreachy-admins@gnome.org alias
if you have any questions. We hope you can join in for this round!

Sarah Sharp

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