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Please signal-boost: Fedora Community Action/Impact lead

Hey everyone. Red Hat has an opening in a very unique job working full-time on building and enabling Fedora community. See the full job listing at Fedora Community Action and Impact Lead. I’d love to have someone in this role with a passion for free software and open source and track record of getting things done in communities; experience with Fedora would be a plus, but since community growth is a key part of the role, I’d like to expand our candidate pool beyond that and bring in new perspectives and ideas.

From the role description:

In this role, you will join the Fedora Council and guide initiatives to
grow the Fedora user and developer communities, as well as make Red Hat
and Fedora interactions even more transparent and positive. The Council
is responsible for the stewardship of the Fedora Project as a whole,
and supports the health and growth of the Fedora community. As a the
Fedora Community Action and Impact Lead, you’ll facilitate decision
making on how to best focus the Fedora community budget to meet our
collective objectives, work with other council members to identify the
short, medium, and long-term goals of the Fedora community, and organize
and enable the project. You will also help make decisions about
trademark use, project structure, community disputes or complaints, and
other issues. You’ll hold a full council membership, not an auxiliary or
advisory role.

If you know someone who might be a good fit, or if it’s you, let me know!

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Was this role filled? I know a few people who may be interested.

Sorry for the slow reply — it wasn’t then but it is now.

Glad it got filled! Worthy work!

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