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Portland Timbers vs Vancouver Whitecaps


I’m a fan of soccer in general, and Portland Timbers in the MLS. I will be going to see their home game on Sat, Jul 18th @ 7:30pm. I have an extra ticket which I paid $60 for. If you want to join me - I’d love to have company!

If there are more who want to join, tickets can be bought on StubHub. My tickets are for the Timbers Army section. Beware: if you join the Timbers Army section, realistically this means you will be standing most of the game. Also, you shouldn’t dress in too much white, as dressing in opposing team’s color is considered a provocation and may lead to your being relocated. On the plus side, rumor has it the Timbers Army section is one of the best football spectator experiences North America has to offer.

On the topic of community, you may be interested to read up on how the fan club acctivity is organised at https://timbersarmy.org/


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