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PR, Communication, and Marketing Expert

SUSE is looking for a PR, communication and marketing expert for the openSUSE Team.

Core responsibilities:

  • handle communication from SUSE and the openSUSE team through team blog, mailing lists and social media
  • interact directly with community members to engage, drive participation and grow the contributor base
  • work to define and achieve goals for openSUSE marketing, coordinating efforts and building global teams representing the community at events and on-line, creating and distributing materials and marketing releases and products
  • stay informed on community functioning, needs and positions, representing openSUSE internally in SUSE and externally to press, industry and other communities
  • keep updated on key technologies around online collaboration and communication to help the community grow and move forward
  • work with the openSUSE board in governing openSUSE, dealing with conflicts, finding directions, improving communication and handling day-to-day functioning

  • Experience in collaboration, getting people together and building teams in Free/Open Source communities
  • Fluent in English (written and verbal). Strong emphasis on good English-writing capabilities.
  • Strong interest in community building and software development and distribution technology

Personal qualities:

  • Collaboration-minded, practical and a positive attitude
  • Ability to take but also give responsibility and work with others
  • Used to work with others on-line and in an international environment
  • In-depth knowledge of developer networks / networking
  • Good communications, time management, and interpersonal skills

The following skills and experiences are required:

  • Solid technical expertise and background in Linux, Open Source, and web development technologies.
  • A strong free software background with active participation in free software projects in general and openSUSE in particular
  • Convinced of agile development
  • Passion for managing and motivating people to do great stuff
  • Strong communication skills
  • Knowledge in presentation of technical content and moderation of workshops.
  • Highly organized individual.
  • Very good English skills

Location: Worldwide
Position Type: Full-Time/Regular

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