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Really good notes on 2:00 Session 6: Value Proposition

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Session 6 (2:00 PM): Value Proposition 
Initial topics:     Define value to gain participation (first, building community)    Define value to keep motivated/directed
Question: When you’re first building a community how do you get leadership buy-in?Example: We want users of a product to build support and knowledge database (both free and paid). How do we rise that incentive
Question: (I think the question above shifted to how to develop/foster community)?Tactics for fostering community (membership and participation): wikiID super users but also celebrate regular usersif you have the right content people will comeQ&A doesn’t build communitypeople like to be thanked community organizer sending benefits to active participantscommunity organizer looking to identify most active/helpful participantsget feedback regularly (forums might work)
Problems/Benefits using public profiles as part of the community (e.g. Facebook profiles engagement with community).The community organizaer has shifted to meet the community where they are (i.e. in Facebook).Values
shifted in response to community b/c at first the value was in an open
forum and then the value was placed in open engagementCommunity organizer still posts to dedicated forums, in order to promote use and create a standard expectation.Some users may not feel comfortable or understand the comments/questions of the general public / community group.
There is a desire to coordinate messages across forums (multiple sites) in order to ensure communication across the community.

The hard part of value proposition is getting everyone in the same place to weigh in
Example:     Open source movement took off as anti Microsoft, but that’s no longer the rallying cry    Rather than “think” this is the hot topic now, listen to where the community is coming from and what they care about    Use traditional communication channels (email lists, wiki use/content) as a source of data     Use of surveysSurveys tend to affirm what the organization is thinking about, but maybe not what people are thinking about.Surveys can tell you if you’re asking the right questions and what questions you might need to ask next.Most
valuable approach has been one to one, but this does nto scale. This
works well to help with future efforts (finding similar opportunities)Surveys should be short and offer the participants a reason to fill it out.Important to get the word out about a survey and continue promotion throughout the entire survey period.Provide
the opportunity for those completing the survey to include their own
options/responses–also provide a way to vote (+1) on specific topics.

Difference b/w participation and giving informationPeople participate and find value in the same community in different ways
How can we articulate what we get out of our communities?
Have anyone used in=person activities to assess community interests?
Example: Invite top users in forums to Meetups to talk – ID areas for more support across all users The “forum experts” are identified by the platforms assessment tools (+1, no of posts, “best answers.”).  Use a reputation dashboard.
Those identified are offered premiums/incentives, greater access to
enhanced features, cool groups and activities not available to "regular"
users (that sentence sounds snotty).  Badges, and other “lite” gamification.You have to figure out your prioritization, and prove that community values matter to rest of the company/organizationCan gamification be used? Can it work against you?Not all folks are motivated by recognition and personal profile, some want to play a part in a team and be recognized.
Reading Recommendation:    Reality is Broken    Jane McGonagall?  Also a TED talk.    Drive by Dan Pink        Take waysHow to incentivize individuals, identify groups (as contributors and to reward)How do you scale?Getting the value proposition online is a fundamental question-- How do you determine values if you don’t know who your community is and what they want (are interested in)want and how they act?Know what your need to measure to get your goals
Value Propositions for participation- resume building by participation; demonstrate competence and expertise; evidence- peer recognition- reputation- access to networks- Invited to exclusive rewards (Go to lunch with Google).- Knowing that a group has accomplished something.
Gamification itself is a tool; how its used is value added (or lost)
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