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Session B-1: Conference Organizing Tools

Continuing the discussion from Conference Organizing Distribution:

Notes From COD discussion: https://drupal.org/project/cod

Deb - SeaGL
Russ Zen Project - LinuxFoundation software (using COD6?)
Bryan - FOSSETcon - Using COD
Jason - MongoDB - Using COD
Kara - Puppet labs
Mark - HP (low end meetup, highend corp, looking for tooling for events/conferences)
Landon - RedHat, looking for more feature complete conference tool
Brett - Bluejeans - manage communities and looking to do a conference. Howto integrate into Bluejeans

Functionality Requests:
Scheduling - Standard JSON format for conference schedules? (FOSSCON) Pentabarf?
   — Signage
   — admins access to move bofs around on the fly (mobile)
   — Linear Algebraic scheduler (resolving speaker conflicts, make a first draft)
   — hack nights

Silent Auction support


  • Generate Invoices
  • ‘high quality organizations’ should get posted before sponsorship is paid for
  • Donate module as your product (investigate minimums)
  • Ala-cart adding conference options (lunch, t-shirt, etc) for a price
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