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Session proposals for CLSxEurope

Hey People,

CLSxEurope is going to be awesome. Finally we found the sweet spot prior to OSCON Amsterdam to do a two day event. One stream for this event will be Well-Being in Tech. After Devops Amsterdam @lhawthorn started an initiative for a Well-Being in Tech conference. At CLSxEurope we will initiate this important topic with a stream dedicated to this topic with two awesome humans that can guide us on mindfulness, yoga, breathing and stress reduction.

Give us your session proposals on anything relevant to Community Leadership and Europe. Please put them as replies to this thread and be there!


I would like to propose a talk.

“Implementing Gamification for your Community”

A lot of services can be proposed to community members: Q&A, forums, wiki, trackers, and many more. But can you monitor users on a time period? Are you sure you are doing all you can to motivate contributors?

In this presentation, we will see the different topics to have in mind when you are implementing your gamification project: from highlighting the leaders, to understanding regular visitor needs, and of course, reward settings. Using concrete examples with famous and less famous communities, we will also see what to expect, or not.

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