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Summer activity decline

Good morning everyone,

We noticed that in August we had a decline in our support community activity. We are currently investigating the potential reasons for this. It’s a fairly new community so we do not have trends from previous years to compare it to.

I have my own theories based on other communities I’ve participated in (main one being August = vacation time). Is anyone else seeing a similar decline in August or have other similar experiences?

… or what other reasons have you seen for a sudden decline in participation in a growingly active community?

I’d love to hear more from others on this. Thank you!


Summers and holiday times are always the lowest for actively in any community, I think this is normal.

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As you can see, this community too :slight_smile:

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No kidding. Thank you all. :slight_smile: If others have input on seeing the same thing I’d feel reassured hearing your story.

January, August, and December are the quietest months for me across the board - and roughly in that order.

January because of vacations and activities associated with a new fiscal year, August because of vacations and gearing up for the school year, and December because of holidays and vacations.

At least that’s the best explanation I’ve come up with :slight_smile:


Another voice saying the same thing: in general, there’s a summer lull in August (reaching into Sept as well). There’s also a lull in mid-late December and early-mid January. By late January, things are generally heating up again!

When planning events, I try to avoid those zones. I see it a lot with user groups: I expect user group attendance to lull in the summer, and groups often don’t meet in Dec. or Jan.

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