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The Open Organization book discussion @ CLS 2015

Hello Community Leadership Summit friends!

I wanted to propose something to you that can help us talk about being better leaders. Jim Whitehurst, Red Hat CEO, recently published a book called The Open Organization. Jono had a chance to talk with Jim about the book and what it’s like to lead an open organization.

I’m very interested in how the principles of an open org, transparency, authenticity, access, and openness, are changing the nature of working and managing. For this group, I’m interested in how we can apply this to managing communities and being better leaders.

Would anyone be interested in having a discussion about this at CLS? I plan on pitching an unconference session on Sunday. I’m happy to set-up a lunch or afternoon session on Monday if folks are interested. Please let me know if you want to talk about this.

If you are attending CLS and can commit to joining my session or attending a lunch or an afternoon discussion session (1-hour) on Monday, July 20, then I will send you a copy of the book. I’ll need to limit the latter to about 10-15 people.

Let me know about your interest in the comments and we can connect at CLS in July. Feedback of all types welcome. If this is a bad idea that won’t fly @ CLS, let me know. If you’re completely eager, let me know too. I think the topics in the book can help us all be better leaders, and I’d love to talk with you about it.

We’ve created some discussion guides if you’re a little curious. And you can read the first chapter to wet your appetite.

Jason Hibbets

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Notes from the session are here:

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