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Trello for community project management

I just wanted to throw out an interesting tool I have found useful for a range of community projects called Trello (https://trello.com/) - it provides a simple means of defining a series of tasks, different status and milestone points for those tasks, and a collaborative system in which people can share the same Trello.

I have found it useful, for example, for managing software projects. I would use it like this:

  • Identify the list of features required. Have a meeting with the community to distribute the work.
  • On Trello I set up the following lanes:
  • Not Started
  • In Progress
  • Waiting Review
  • Review In Progress
  • Complete
  • I then create cards for each feature in the Not Started lane and we have discussions about those features within the discussion feature on the card.

I find it is a simple and effective tool for managing community projects. Worth a look!


I find that Trello work alright for not too complicated projects or work. As it doesn’t support swim lanes it has sometimes been a bit limiting for my purposes and I have tried out several other Kanban boards. I know that the Xubuntu team (as well as other teams I suppose) use Trello.

I have found that Kanbanize (https://kanbanize.com) mostly suits my needs, but Kanbanery (https://kanbanery.com/) offer a free iPhone app which I have used a lot before. Since reading about lean and kanban I have been using similar boards for almost everything I do, at work, at home, for my music projects and Ubuntu Studio work. What got me going was the book “Personal Kanban” by Jim Benson & Tonianne DeMaria Barry, http://www.personalkanban.com/ . I also made a short blog article about it while working at my old job, http://blog.basefarm.com/blog/implementing-personal-kanban/ .

I’m using Trello at the moment in the organisation of OggCamp, but I’ve found I use it slightly differently.

Instead of using lanes to indicate the status of each task, I use them to categorise tasks. In this case, lanes are things like “Sponsors”, “Equipment” etc. I then create labels to indicate the status, which puts a coloured block on the card so you can see the status at a glance. Once a card is no longer needed I archive it to remove it from the board.

We use Trello a lot at Cognitect and generally use it in the same ways that Jono mentioned. The newest feature that I like on Trello is the calendar function. You’ll find it under Menu > Power Ups > Calendar. After that’s activated you’ll see the cards with due dates on that specific board’s calendar. I wish there was a way to see a personal calendar with due dates across all boards, but alas that hasn’t happened yet as far as I know. The best you can do in that regard is to look at all cards assigned to you and they will line up according to due date.

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Ooh, I didn’t know that. Very cool. :slight_smile:

I have generally good impressions of Trello but wish it respected software-freedom so it could be self-hosted and adaptable.

It isn’t for the same purposes, but Loomio is software-freedom respecting (AGPL) and a great tool for community decisions.

I also use it for my community management tasks. It is quite flexible, so it is cool to see some feedback on how other use it. I use it like:

  • Activity
  • On Hold
  • Doing
  • Done
  • Postponed

Cool to hear the calendar function is there now as well. I need to give that a try.

I’m using Trello from years :slight_smile: from the beginning… for work and personal stuff
I’m using it to coordinate my community work for NethServer too, it’s really useful, clear and you can always have a fantastic overview of your project.

Trello is really cool software, we use it as a main software for our project management tasks :slight_smile:
As we need to know how much time we spent on each task, we also use integration with TimeCamp - which counts for us time spent on every task. It is really helpful, for example for estimating profitability of the project.:wink:

Did you try a connector to todoist with zapier.com?

I agree with your thought.Thank you for your sharing.

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I disliked the hectic “cards” look of Trello and it’s lack of a chat channel. I learned that Trello and Slack was an often used combo and for a second thought I would be Mark Zuckerberg in a hoodie if I used Slack but then realise that there was no way I wanted to mess around with two API linked softwares. So i found Podio.

It has a bunch of free apps that can be added to "workspaces"
It has a great chat channel
It handles images / attachments very well (screen shots / design moc ups)
The team likes it.

My favourite app is the forum app! It’s great for riffing on ideas - then threads can be turned into tasks later.

It also has Bug report apps

Only drawback is, you can’t add to it off line, so if I am on the subway / tube : plane - I can’t work on it. But nowadays I get wifi between stops on the tube and on a plane - so that’s OK.

Check out Podio - that Trello card thing doesn’t suit everyone.

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Thanks, @Jules

This is interesting, I had not seen Podio before. Can I ask a small favor that I think others here would find helpful - would you mind creating a new post and giving a quick overview of how it works complete with some screenshots?


Too slammed at the mo I am afraid.

But anyone looking at:

Trello & Slack

(And other team collaboration software)
And wanting to not “live in email” should give it a spin.

The forum add on (per workspace) is a no brainer for folks that… …Run forums!

Prior to this we were operating with a messy mixture of
FB Messenger
SMS messages
Red Booth

Trello is the most popular tool for creating community boards and managing tasks with team. Although recently I have found this free tool called Fluxes that is very similar to Trello and it has more features for managing tasks and team projects.

Trello is great, but I always struggled with team management in it.
When my team worked on multiple projects it was always challenging to coordinate all the work across the boards. Finally we decided to create our own app integrated with Trello and we allow managers to plan tasks across all boards.
We are still working on it so if someone has the same problem I would love your feedback to our tool LogicalPlan.

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