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True Sharing Economy for Everyone, Everywhere

I would like to propose a session on the sharing economy. Todays “sharing economy” solutions are much closer to a “lending economies” than anything else. What if there was a solution that allowed P2P sharing without a third party being involved? What if it was accessible to everyone and everywhere? What if the data users generate they control? Lets imagie a future of sharing economy for everyone and everywhere.

Is there a particular function you would be interested in this serving for communities?

If I understand you correctly. I can help organize this session. Participate as a moderator.

My apologies, I was unclear. I mean’t, what would you like this sharing culture to bring to your own communities? Would it be a better way of sharing content between members, or some other goal?

The goal is to raise awareness that sharing economy should be free from third parties. AIRBNB is a lending economy startup/company. If community supports this idea we can form a startup to build such a solution/service/platform.

Sounds interesting. Would be keen to learn which topics you would like to cover and the goals for the session. :slight_smile:


  1. lets define it “Lending or Sharing Economy”
  2. why its important to create a true sharing economy accessible to everyone,everywhere
  3. what a true sharing economy services/solutions should have at their core

I think this is a great topic. Check out http://www.shareable.net/ for a lot on this topic.

Anyway, my non-profit startup Snowdrift.coop is all about this, so people interested in this might want to check us out.

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