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UI Question - Kudos / Me Too buttons

On my community the “Kudos” and “Me Too” buttons are currently located at the top of a post.


But what I’m currently thinking is after you read a post and decide it’s a good one, the “Kudo” button should be at the bottom, right there to easily click. Having to scroll back up to the top of the post to Kudo is inconvenient especially if it’s a long post.

Does anyone out there have some examples where Kudo-like functionality is located at the bottom of a post?

What about a situation where there are several buttons located closely together, have some people confused things like Kudos with Me Toos?

Thank you in advance for your thoughts on this subject.


Just a quick linguistic note: “kudos” is a Greek word meaning roughly “honour for an achievement,” so it’s not like you can “give someone a kudo.” It’s easy to understand why people make this mistake, as it isn’t a common word.

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