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What do managers do to improve work environment?

The workplace is not only a senseless room with furniture and computers but a lively environment where everyone works and activities with full emotional and complex relationship.

Improve the dynamics in the workplace environment not only helps you retain employees but also revitalize to the business of the company in general.

Here are the things will destroy motivation of any employees, whether the independent or the most active person:

1. “Toxic” people
Sure you have met a few people in this category. They always complain, murmur, bemoan, take every opportunity to defame people, go to work late, go home early, be sluggish, no motivation, lack of goals. Such people not only be unhelpful to the company but also undermine the spirit and power of team work. It is time for them to find themselves in a more suitable place.

2. No specialized training
Everyone needs to learn to grow. This is especially important in corporate environments where demand to grow is inevitable. Professional training will help employees strongly develop in personal capacity, transfer more inspiration for their creative as well as building a sustainable career.

A short course could help their spirit get more excited for mastering professional knowledge and improving work efficiency.

3. Lack of vision
A clear vision of leadership is communicated through from top to bottom will be a guide to help employees know what to focus on. It is difficult for staffs to create a special achievement if they cannot see the development perspective of the company.

4. Waste of time
Organize too many unnecessary meetings, check unrelated email constantly are the cause for employees stress when they do not have enough time and necessary attention to complete the work by themselves. Please show your respect by respecting employees’ time to do their work.

5. Bad communication skills
Vague communication makes people have to guess what to do. Consequently, the important tasks are missed, simply work is duplicate, the dropping information, rumors flies. Effective communication is beneficial for everyone.

6. Old style management.
Rigid work environment will make employees become unmotivated because the boss always rejects any ideas and everyone must exactly follow him. The more collaboration relationship effects, the more impressive results bring. Motivation of employees thereby will more powerful because they are participated in decisions.

7. Do not be recognized
Working hard but not be recognized, achieving good results but be forgotten is the very common situation that employees morale down quickly. Sometimes just a thank or compliment is enough, but many leaders do not pay attention to it.

8. Poor leadership spirit.
Leadership is weak will pull everyone goes down. Even the best people also need a leader with ability to lead. Improve leadership capacity regularly is the best thing you can do for the employees and the company.

Figure out all negative expressions exist in the workplace and remove them. Good employees will not work long in the unprofessional and lack of motivation environment.

(Source: recruitment blogspot)

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Very well written. I would like to suggest some more points -

  • Lead by Example
    -Make Communication an Everyday Event
    -Define Team Rules Carefully
    -Reward your Team
    -Team Outing is Important

There are many powerful strategies managers use to instantly boost morale in your workplace, even when times are tough. Some of the things managers do to improve workplace environment are :

  1. Supportive Leadership
  2. Break the routine
  3. Help people to feel value more
  4. Create benefits that people really care about
  5. Have more fun at work.

To read these steps in details checkout the article: Sparking Positivity at Work

I agree with all of those. I’d like to add those people who never accept responsibly for mistakes. It’s always someone else’s fault or they have multiple excuses for not accomplishing a task.

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