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What do you hope to take away from CLS 2015?

If you will be joining us in Portland for CLS 15 what do you hope to take away from the summit this year?

I’ll be looking to see what new forms of project organization are emerging, and at the interface between the technical and the non-technical people. I’m wondering when (it’s only a matter of time) the non-techies will start to dominate, and what the response of the technical types will be when that happens.

I was enthused that people whose skills were solely in project leadership came to the Portland CLS two years ago having somehow discovered that the managements methods used by geeks are open to anyone. Duh :slight_smile: But I saw that as a very positive sign.

I’d also, if possible, like to take away ideas for evangelizing open source methodologies (forward movement by consensus, change control, and so on) more broadly.

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