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What does your Community Report look like?

At the Community Leadership Summit in Portland, we un-covered a topic of interest. We wanted a place to show and tell what our community reports look like, should look like, could look like.

It’s a tough report to nail down. Many of us shared that it’s ever-evolving.

What are your main headings?
What have you shared in the past but no longer include?
What analytics do you share?
How do you share activity drops or concerns?
How often do you produce this report?


Here’s an example from Opensource.com:

It’s probably not what you expect, but this is the report that we share with our community (and the public) and you may find parts of it useful.

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We are quite interested on this topic also, because we create and help creating reports for some projects.

I’ve seen companies/projects reporting mainly quarterly, but some produce annual reports.

I don’t know if these are the kind of reports you are looking for, but some are just written PDF files and others are just static dashboards, with the situation of the project at a given date.

Hello CLS crew – Vanessa here. I’ve been getting your digests for a while, but wanted to pipe in about reporting.

For every community we design, we try to create reports about the design principles / creation myths / successes and failures. Those are up http://reports.p2pu.org/

Really enjoyed reading other posts @jhibbets & @jsmanrique.

This sounds like it could be a great Knowledge Base topic - how to create an awesome community report, what should go in there, etc. Anyone interested in creating this?

There’s nothing particularly confidential about it, so I’m sharing a copy of the monthly report I share with key stakeholders internally.

You’ll see that the community is 10 years old, and while the numbers are down on its peak, the sense of community is fantastic and engagement is good.

Constructive criticism welcome :smile:

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