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What hot in swag these days

Okay, What’s the hot new “gotta-have”

And actually, what’s hot in the mass space (e.g. laptop stickers) and in the random drawing (e.g. “win a CodeyBot”) space?

I suddenly realize Im really out of touch in the swag space (since I still don’t see the appeal of branded socks).


Hi Dave,

Think about something people will see, use or wear, so they keep your brand message without thinking about it. A good design is important, but keep the message simple. Good candidates:

  • Laptop stickers (I order them at StickerMule), still a favourite if custom, beautiful and not too big (forget bumper stickers)
  • Mugs are still in the race
  • T-shirts (printed) but you get t-shirt everywhere
  • Polos and caps (baseball, golf, embroidered), more classy
  • Stress balls
  • Bottle openers and other day to day useful fun stuff

Forget pens, lighters, calendars and old school stuff. Spend some time on Spreadshirt to find inspiration: they have huge range of accessories. (and btw, you can get discounts with bulk orders)

Think about something your target would love to buy, but their wife/husband would not accept to see money spent on it. Good candidates:

  • Drones (big or small)
  • Starter kits (Arduino, Raspberry PI or other), but only for technical people
  • Video games (Nintendo 3DS is expensive, but there are many cheap old school video games emulators)
  • Nerf guns and arrows (perfect gift for office use)

I’ll edit this if I have other ides.


What are your thoughts about robotic models and kits. In particular I’m thinking about the kits from https://www.ez-robot.com/shop/

Similar to the starter kits above, but maybe more approachable from a non-techie viewpoint as well.

Huge trend at #ATO2016 this week was logo pens doubling as touchscreen stylus. One end is pen, other end is your iPad stylus.

Key secondary consideration: how easy is it for attendees at a conference to fly home with your giveaway or swag? There were a couple of great swag tools (bottle opener, mini tool card) that I passed up because they were so heavy and bulky.

Yep, I’ve got a number of the pen/stylus combination. Most recently, in orange…

I’ve also turned down swag for being to big, bulky, awkward and/or heavy.

Simple branded tote bags go down well with confs I have been to recently. They’re light, easy to pack and have utility with the whole family when you get back home. We frequently use branded tote bags to cart around football boots and dancing equipment to the kids’ classes. :slight_smile:

plus you can use the tote bags during the event to put other swag inside :slight_smile:
good idea !

Taking the defib to this thread, because I wanna know! What is the latest cool stuff for incentives? We heard a few ideas at CLS17, but I’m always open to more ideas.

I don’t know if this is an Oregon thing or an educator thing, but small notebooks seem to be all the rage right now. I got a really cool from a conference earlier this year that came from Scout Books.

Oooh fun! Thanks. I’ve noticed way more people using little notebooks too.

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