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Who wants to run a CLSx event?

Today I announced the goal to scale out the Community Leadership Summit format into regional events focused on serving those local communities. This is called CLSx.

We had many volunteers, but who is interested in organizing a CLSx event in the next year?


CLSxIndy reporting for duty!

CLSxPhilly :thumbsup:

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J. Manrique López (aka jsmanrique)
Location: Madrid

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Randall here :smile:
Vancouver BC Canada


CLSx Wine Country reporting for duty! And by Wine Country I mean Sonoma County, Napa’s much cooler neighbor :wink:

Thinking about timing this to be halfway between Think Tank events.

Also, we can probably fork/draw from the UG Guide project for guidance on venue selection, promotion, co-organizer recruiting, sponsorship, and the difference between small and large groups.



Joe here for Vancouver BC also.

CLSx – Ann Arbor
(Rather than Detroit. While there is a renaissance going on in Detroit, I think Ann Arbor has more active LUG/meetup population and available free space like Tech Brewery and others.)

Patrick McGarry

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CLSx San Francisco Bay Area (AKA CLSWest)

Van Riper


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Just learned of CLS West today, happy to help with promotions (and maybe more). I’m up in the North Bay.

CLSxOrlando either at FOSSETCON or at some later date

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I’d be open to hosting CLSxSF at Meteor.

CLSFxToronto signing in from the Mozilla Toronto office.

Maybe coordinate a CLSx at Linuxfest Northwest, in Bellingham WA? Its the end of April, and about an hour south of Vancouver.

CLSx Copenhagen/Malmo

Could gather Nordic region and Northern Europe.

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Karen and Alec here from Vancouver, BC as well.

Dublin, Ireland here!

Edited to add: also Washington DC, which will be a good prep for Dublin :wink:

CLSx Berlin, probably co-located with GotoCon Berlin in November
Steffen Evers volunteered to collaborate

Drano and I are discussing CLSxRDU (Raleigh-Durham) NC


Seems like a good idea to me! I might even be able to help a bit, as I think O’Reilly will continue sending me to LFNW.

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